Free from problems

RealCom’s solution is a proprietary programming tool – tailor-made to ensure total control in manufacturing, warehousing and transport. It alerts you to problems that could occur at any time – and suggests measures BEFORE they occur.

This means that the foundation for decisions regarding production, warehousing and transport allows management to always find the appropriate staffing and operational measures. So far, our software solution has been provided to bottling and foodstuff plants, as well as newspaper mailrooms, but it can easily be adjusted to any industry using logistics/lean. The solution can also simply be adjusted for any existing system.


For breweries and bottling plants we have a tailor-made solution for production, warehousing and logistics.

This solution obtains information from several external sources, securing complete control of production, storage, pallets, orders, delivery, trailers and item tracking. By linking the data together, we provide clients with a unique opportunity to obtain a complete overview of the company’s distribution, internal logistics, production, staff and mission critical systems. This provides management with a real-time feel of what is happening and what can be improved there and then. It is far better to make decisions based on knowledge of what is currently happening rather than on what has already happened. However, in order to achieve long-term goals, it is also important to study the history and see the progression.  RealCom has developed, and continues to develop new solutions for Carlsberg and Ringnes breweries, thereby setting a new standard for cost effective logistics.