Our vision

We will utilise technology to simplify the world

Our values

With our set of values, we will realise our vision and provide our customers with added value: 

Our business statement

With our expertise we will develop unique, solution-oriented, user-friendly software, assisting the customer with their challenges.



We take pride in being at the forefront in the development of innovative technology for our target groups



We must be willing to invest if we’re to stay ahead – well knowing that we may fail. If we don’t try, we can’t succeed.



We must deliver to gain customer trust, and we respect our customers' business. We maintain a high level of integrity and keep our promises.



Through our high level of expertise we can ensure solutions that simplify and provide greater efficiency in our customers’ daily lives. We know that our success will be judged on quality and results.



The customer will always feel assured that "there are no problems – only solutions"  

A simplified world

RealCom is a software development company providing solutions that may benefit any company. The company’s vision is that we will utilise technology to simplify the world

Our work

Our work primarily involves production, logistics and tracking – particularly for breweries, printing companies and the food industry. Our proprietary programming tool, Unifront, can be used in any industry, and can be adapted for use with any system as well. The solution collects data from a number of different sources, evaluates this data and performs management tasks while displaying its status in real time.

Our employees

Haakon Skallerud

Managing director

Harald Hougen

Chief Software Architect

Robert Ian Olsen

Senior Software Architect