RealTime Logistics


Upper management tends to primarily be concerned with improving profitability and reducing costs, while logistics management tends to focus more on operations – technical and personnel functionality. This quickly leads to a conflict of interests. RealCom’s solution is the first to deal with this issue.

Cooperation between logistics and upper management

For the upper management, the logistics solution maintains the essential cooperation between logistics and upper management. With a simple, visual traffic light solution, full control can be gained at every juncture and every shift at both the warehouse and in transit. All employees can easily follow developments on the screen, and upper management can take necessary measures BEFORE a problem occurs.

Traffic light examples

It will be immediately visible on-screen if any of the trucks or robots are out of operation, as it will be highlighted in red.

It will be immediately visible on-screen if a work team is behind another and is causing a bottleneck, as this will be highlighted in yellow.

When everything is proceeding as it should, a green light will shine.

Integrates with everything

RealCom’s solution is easy to integrate with any existing systems and solutions, and will secure maximum flow and efficiency, naturally bringing down costs.

Total overview

Management tool for total real-time overview and improved efficiency


Better information leads to better decisions, which again lead to lower costs

KPI realtime

KPI provided in real-time all day, allowing full target control


Ressursstyring beregner kontinuerlig ressursbehov

Operations information

Real-time operations information from multiple systems – all day

Traffic light principle

Simple, visual graphics following traffic light principle