Performance Management

Profitability and efficiency

While logistics management is concerned with operations – technical and personnel efficiency and functionality, the upper management is more focused on cost saving and profitability. This quickly leads to a conflict of interests. RealCom’s solution is the first to deal with this issue.

Full control

For the upper management, the RealComs logistics solution maintains the essential cooperation between logistics and upper management. With a simple, visual traffic light solution, full control can be gained at every juncture and every shift at both the warehouse and in transit. All employees can easily follow developments on the screen, and upper management can take necessary measures BEFORE a problem occurs. The result is an enormous cost saving and improved profitability – as Ringnes has experienced since they had the solution installed. RealCom’s solution is easy to integrate with any existing systems and solutions, and will secure maximum flow and efficiency, naturally bringing down costs.


Management tool for total real-time overview and improved efficiency


Contributes to considerable savings, may be profitable after four months


Proactive alerts, estimates what can happen and acts accordingly